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  • Pedigree: Cobb is a Kentish hop variety that is well-known for its aromatic qualities. Once widely planted it is now increasingly rare. Selected by James West from a garden of Canterbury Whitebine on the farm of John Cobb (of Sheldwich), it was introduced as the Cobb’s hop (a variant of the Canterbury Whitebine “of a Golding character”) in 1881 (see 'English Hops' by George Clinch (1919) page 14)
  • General Trade Perception: Reconised as having the most typical English aroma, Goldings, and in demand for copper hopping and dry hopping of traditional ales.
  • Possible Substitutions: Kent Golding, Early Bird.
  • Beer Styles: Traditional ales, IPA.
  • Maturity: Mid-season.
  • Yield: 1,500 - 2,000 kg./ha or 1,350 - 1,800 lb./ac.
  • Growth Habit: Moderately vigorous.
  • Disease Reaction: Sensitive to wilt, susceptible to downy mildew and powdery mildews.
  • Pickability: Fair to good.
  • Lupulin: Moderate amount, yellow in colour.
  • Cone Structure: Medium sized.
  • Aroma: Extremely pleasant and gently hoppy.

Alpha Acids(%)
4.4 - 6.7
Beta Acids (%)
1.9 - 2.8
Alpha/Beta Ratio
2.4 : 1
Co-Humulone (%)
26 - 32
Storage (% lost)
Oil Content (mls/100g)
0.8 - 1.0
Humulene ( % in oil)
Hum/Cary Ratio